From Your School Counselor

My name is Debbie Maxwell and I am the school counselor for grades third through fifth. If parents have questions or concerns about their child, please feel free to contact me at 882-6527 or email me.


Guidance in the classroom: The school counselor visits each classroom regularly. The following topics and lessons will be presented during the school year:

Knowledge of self and others - friendship, conflict resolution, peer mediation, social skills, self-esteem, self-awareness, and family responsibility.

Educational - Vocational Development - improving study and learning skills, and planning for school.

Career Exploration

Groups: There will be different groups offered during the school year. Some of the groups include: I'm Somebody Special - Building Self­-Esteem, Friends - Getting Along With Others and Harmony­/Understanding Changes in the Family. If you would like for your child to participate in one of the listed groups please let me know or contact your child's teacher.

Individual Consultation: Students are welcome to come in and visit the school counselor when they are experiencing a problem.


Some things an Elementary Guidance Counselor does:

Helps students --

  • Understand his/her abilities and limitations
  • Adjust to a new school
  • Find answers to his/her concerns
  • Learn to make decisions
  • Develop skills in getting along with others
  • Talks with you about your child's progress in school
  • Abilities and limitations
  • Growth and development

Assists teachers in-

  • Providing classroom guidance in such areas as self-understanding and decision making.
  • Planning units on guidance - related topics. 

Consults with parents and teachers in private conference about their children.

Coordinates referrals to school and community agencies when school personnel and parents agree this is needed.

  • Talks with children individually or in small groups.
  • The child may request the counseling or may be referred by parents or teachers. Counseling is a voluntary service -- no child is required to talk with the counselor.