Summer School

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Enrollment for Summer School 2024 will begin in March. Check back for more details!


Boonville Schools offer summer school as a free of charge program offering engaging academic learning for all students. The academic time allows students to review and apply previous learned skills as well as prepare for the upcoming school year. Students will participate in reading, writing, math and social studies and/or science specific lessons. Small group reading instruction will also be held in the elementary grades to provide students with individualized instruction based on student's need. Students will also participate in hands-on STEAM courses that promote critical thinking and problem solving. Courses may include robotics, coding, building structures, force and motion, art activities, group sports and more!  

Entering Kindergarten students are encouraged to attend to have a "jump start" to the first day of school. This gives students the opportunity to meet teachers, learn school procedures and develop new friendships. 




Lessons will focus on getting ready for school through engaging books and activities. Standards covered include: letter and sound recognition, letter formation, writing their name, phonemic awareness, number sense, counting, shapes plus much much more. Students will have a rest time and will need a towel/blanket. 


First -Eighth Grade:

Core Courses

Reading: Mentor Texts (fiction and nonfiction) will be used to promote discussion on making connections, visualizing and synthesizing information, vocabulary development and enjoyment of reading.

Small Group Reading (K-5): Students will participate in small group reading based on student individual reading needs. While rotating through small groups, students will participate in independent stations that focus on independent reading, writing, and word work.

Writing: Lessons will focus on story organization, word choice, grammar and much more.Math: Lessons will focus on building number sense, problem solving and grade level standards to provide a strong foundation for the upcoming school year.

Exploratory Courses

Sports: Students will participate in physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle such as kickball, wiffleball, soccer, hula hoop games, parachute play, yoga, frisbees, etc 

Science: Space, Plants and Seeds, Force and Motion, life cycles, animals, etc.Buildings and Structures: Legos, Marble Mazes, Keva blocks, K'Nex

 Technology: Students will use technology to learn about coding, robotics and much more. Scratch Camp, cubelets, Makey Makey, Edison Robots

Arts and Crafts:  Watercolors, chalk art, salt dough, painted rocks, sock puppets, beads, tie dye, dream catchers, paper mache, etc. Plus much more!!