Office Staff

Mrs. Michelle Nickerson, Administrative Assistant

Photo of Michelle NickersonMrs. Michelle Nickerson is the Administrative Assistant at David Barton Elementary. She attended Central Missouri State University shortly after high school and then Columbia College. She says that she did not exactly enjoy college and it makes her occupation, working for a school, ironic. Her favorite memory of working with the school district is her first day at David Barton. She says,” The entire staff was welcoming, encouraging, and helpful.” She said that working at a school had not been part of her plan but it is the perfect job for her. She likes to help and be a part of the community.

Mrs. Nickerson has a son who attends David Barton. She enjoys summer and everything about it, even the overwhelming heat! Nickerson said that many people don’t know that there is a picture of her hanging on the wall in David Barton from when she went to school there. Unfortunately in the picture, she is rocking a permed mullet.

By Emma Pritchett, Pirate Press Reporter